Series of WordPress Meetups in Lahore Pakistan

Series of WordPress Meetups in Lahore Pakistan

It was very first time for me that i was attending any technology related event on 17th October 2015. Although i am a WordPress developer but meetup culture is new for me. In addition when i heard that some Guava Pattern thing is going to be launched or introduced so i just got amazed and confused at the same time. It was not easy to digest for me that what kind of meetup it would be. What capabilities should i have to attend such events because if its a workshop then there would be some requirements or edibility criteria. WordPress Plugins is not a new term for me but i was not aware that from Lahore, Pakistan there would be some guys who are developing and managing this number of WordPress plugins. I was just stunned when session just started and WordPress Mechanic appeared as a speaker. WordPress Mechanic was another amazing term for me so i just kept quiet and watching the slides. He started with the history of first WordPress Meetup and showed some flashback from 10th Anniversary of WordPress.

WordPress Meetup 17th Oct, 2015 at TechHub (ASTP) Lahore, Pakistan from Fahad Mahmood on Vimeo.

Presentation slides by WordPress Mechanic at Arfa Software Technology Park.

Fahad Mahmood told about first meetup and introduced WordPress Guru. This term is not new for me, lolz… joke apart but the word Guru is being used in freelancing field more than required. I have never met with Kamran Shafi before but Fahad told in his session that he is a freelancing mentor and later he introduced Freelancer Factory. I couldn’t attend the series of freelancer factory workshops but i heard awesomeness of it. Looking for upcoming meetups and especially products like Guava Pattern based on CodeStar Framework.

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